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Let's preserve our Posidonia seagrass

A protected species on the Mediterranean coast. In the Mediterranean, it is called Posidonia Oceanica, "Lung of the Mediterranean", spawning and nursery area. Etymologically, it owes its name to Poseidon, God of the seas and oceans. At anchor, favor mooring with buoys and if you anchor your boat, take care of the roots which are not algae contrary to what one thinks but many plants with underwater flowers which oxygenate the water by the fruits that they engender clean up the beaches. Posidonia also constitutes for numerous herbivorous species, a protection and a consequent source of food. It is therefore essential for the raising of your anchor not to plow the marine flora by creating damage that would take more than 100 years to rebuild. Did you know? These balls the size of a ping-pong ball on the beaches are actually accumulated dead leaves of posidonia, they are called aegagropiles.

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